Ambassador - Classic Games - Code Breaker Game

Ambassador – Classic Games – Code Breaker Game


Object of the game:
Get your blue or red scoring peg to the end of the 30 hole track first!
• As Code Maker, create an unbreakable code!
• As Code Breaker, guess the right combination!

Game includes:
  • Playing board separates for easy, compact storage
  •  8 coloured pegs for varying degrees of difficulty
  • Storage trays hold all your pegs

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The classic game of Codebreaker (same game as Mastermind) made with premium quality materials and packaging. Includes large game board and various plastic game pieces, all inside a box.
How to play:
1) One player selects the blue scoring peg, the other selects red, then flip a coin to decide who will be the first
Code Maker.
2) Place all of the small black and white pegs in the hole next to the Code Maker. Place all the large coloured pegs in
the hole in front of the Code Breaker, except for 1 of each colour which are kept by the Code Maker to prepare
their code.
3) At the start of each round, the Code Maker places 5 coloured pegs in the reserved area which is shielded by the
blue lid. Each of the colours should be different from one another. Make sure the Code Breaker cannot see your
secret code!
4) The Code Breaker now begins to guess the code.
5) To make a guess, the Code Breaker places 5 coloured pegs in the row of large holes furthest away from the
Code Maker, above the numbers 1-2-3-4-5.
6) After each guess the Code Maker will place a white peg for each correctly guessed colour and a black peg if they
have guessed both the colour and position correctly. These are placed in the smaller holes on the left-hand side of
the board, in the rows numbered 1-12. The code pegs and key pegs in each row are left in place throughout the
round to help make more educated guesses, but remember, the Code Maker can place the key pegs in any order
so the Code Breaker does NOT know what code pegs they relate to!
7) The Code Breaker keeps placing rows of code pegs, moving upwards from row 1 to 12 with each new set of
guesses. The Code Maker continues to provide feedback on each row until the Code Breaker guesses the code
correctly, or until they run out of rows to guess.
8) At the end of each round, the Code Breaker becomes the Code Maker, and vice-versa.
Round scoring:
The Code Breaker counts how many rows it took them to break the code (for example: 7 rows). They will then move
their red or blue scoring peg ahead by this number of spots along the right hand side scoring track numbered 1-30:
Code solved in rows 1-4: Advance 12 spots, Code solved in rows 5-6: Advance 10 spots,
Code solved in rows 7-8: Advance 8 spots, Code solved in rows 9-10: Advance 6 spots,
Code solved in rows 11-12: Advance 4 spots, Code NOT solved: No advancement
How to win:
The first player to advance their scoring peg to the end of the 30 hole track first wins!
Advanced options:
To make codebreaking more difficult, the Code Breaker is allowed to use two or more of the same colour or even leave
some spaces empty! Agree before starting if you are using advanced or normal rules.