Classroom Set with 20 Double-Sided Cards - 330pcs

Classroom Set with 20 Double-Sided Cards – 330pcs


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Set Includes:
60 white balls
Sticks of 50 each of 3.3cm, 5.3cm, 6.9cm
Sticks of 30 each of 8.2cm, 10.5cm, 12.5cm
30 x 1/4 circles
20 2-sided activity cards


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Use them to explore maths concepts such as sorting and classification, space and shape, symmetry, 3-D objects and 2-D shapes.
Shapes include Cubes, Spheres, Hemispheres, Cylinders, Cones, Triangular Prisms, Rectangular Prisms, Triangular Pyramids, Square Pyramids, Hexagonal Prisms. Packs of miniature plastic Geometric Solids features 10 shapes, 4 colours and bases approx. 25mm.