Melody Snaily

Melody Snaily


  • Promotes Tactile and Auditory Sensory Development
  • Strengthens Hand-eye Coordination and Gross Motor Skills
  • Encourages Imaginative Play and Socialization
  • Rolls up for easy storage or to take along
  • Includes a set of melody cards
  • Bond with Baby and have fun learning together!

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The Edushape Melody Snaily is a soft, plush roll up musical snail offering 8 musical notes while enhancing the discovery of sound. Each color on the snail is a different melody or individual note when discovered by the baby. By using the secret switch on the antena, Melody Snaily can be converted into a keyboard with single musical notes to learn color identification. There are color matching music cards included with the Melody Snaily promoting color matching, logic and reasoning, auditory sensory development and gross motor skills. The Melody Snaily rolls up to go to sleep and can even be attached to a car seat or carrier.