Build your Brain Power Book 3

Build your Brain Power Book 3


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This book contains basic requirements for Maths for Grade 3. Each worksheet deals with a separate concept and is put in a format to allow the learner to develop and build logical ability.  The best method to use for children to develop logical agility and learn to love Maths is to allow them to work at their own pace and at their own individual stage of mathematical development.
  • A footnote at the bottom of each page outlines the concept taught by that specific worksheet.
  • At the end of the worksheet there is often a “If you dare” activity.
  • There is an image of a bee on the worksheets that contain ” Buzz Brain Bolts” which are maths facts that are important for learners to remember
  • At the end of the book there are extension activities, called “Challenge Pages”
  • Worksheets have loads of pictures for students to colour in at the end of the activity, encouraging holistic learning.