Geometric Solids with Folding Nets - 10pc

Geometric Solids with Folding Nets – 10pc


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Geosolids with Folding Nets includes:
• 10 Colorful 2-D folding nets
• 10 Transparent 3-D objects with removable bases
• Instructions


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Learn about the exciting world of shapes in their 2D and 3D forms.
Explore 2D shapes and 3D solids, their properties and relationships, area and perimeter, surface area, capacity and volume with this 20 piece set. The 10 colourful 2D folding nets are made from soft and durable plastic. The transparent plastic 3D solids with removable 10 cm bases include square prism/cube, cone, cylinder, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, triangular prism, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism. Use for class and individual instruction as well as after-school programs.