Look Who's Listening!® Board Game

Look Who’s Listening!® Board Game


Look Who’s Listening!
  • A sturdy, colorful game board (45.72 cm x 45.72 cm)
  • 240 auditory processing skill cards
  • 216 foam tokens (36 in 6 colors)
  • Die.
  • Game ideas sheet.
Look Who’s Listening is for 2 to 6 players (or just use the cards with any number of students!) Shhhh…

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The Auditory Memory, Integration, and Discrimination Board Game
Want to know a secret? (Shhh…) Look Who’s Listening is really ten auditory games in one! To start, you choose one (or more) of the following ten auditory skill card decks:
Auditory Discrimination
  • Minimal Pairs
  • Word Parts
  • Sounds in Words
Auditory Memory
  • Numbers
  • Words
  • Sentences
  • Facts/Details in a Paragraph
Auditory Integration
  • Interpretation of Directions
  • Listening for Key Words
  • Following Multi-level Commands
Each deck has 24 cards (240 in all). With every turn, you read aloud from a card. Students take turns listening carefully, following the card directions, rolling the die, and placing the tokens (fabulous to hold because they’re really soft and foamy) on the game board. When all the spaces are full of tokens, the player with the most tokens on the board wins! What makes Look Who’s Listening extra special is that on each card you choose the level of difficulty for every child. As students improve their listening skills, you can ask more challenging questions.