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My Curious World


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My Curious World is filled to the brim with curious questions and astounding answers about everything from astronauts to oceans, dinosaurs to space machines and much more, for children aged 5+ years.
Taking a sideways look at all that is intriguing and fascinating about our curious world, this gorgeously illustrated, quirky factbook is perfect for any child that loves asking questions.
  • Features facts on space, science, nature, our body, dinosaurs, weather and our planet
  • Fresh approach brings new energy to that favourite reference format – the Q&A
  • Wonderful illustrations packed with fun details
  • Special spreads focus on incredible numbers, mind-blowing facts, quick-fire questions and answers, and pose fun questions to the reader
Your child will enjoy browsing My Curious World to find out the unbelievable answers to all their questions including: Why is our planet in peril? and What is my skeleton made of?
Throughout there are special double-pages that focus on the most extraordinary things. Your child will be enthralled by Incredible Numbers, such as 96,500 kilometres – that’s how far your blood vessels would stretch if they were laid end to end, the popular Would You Rather game, such as be as big as Brachiosaurus or as small as Microraptor?, and quickfire Did You Know… as you are reading these words, there are about 2000 thunderstorms happening around the world.
This brilliant reference book is perfect for children with a large appetite for knowledge.