New Wave Literacy Skills Book F

New Wave Literacy Skills Book F


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Why New Wave Literacy?
  • content themes based on interests of students at each level
  • process themes are a sequential development of the reading and writing processes
  • skills are treated in the context of a high-interest theme
  • based on a modern text approach to reading and writing
  • reflects the technical age to which schools and children belong
  • organised into easily managed modules built around a theme
  • can be used in a group or independent student situations
  • provides opportunity for student self-assessment
  • provides a developmental, sequential coverage of major literacy skills
  • scope and sequence chart provided to highlight skill

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Traditionally, language activities books have been focused mainly on the reductionist processing or analytical base. This is to say that, in general they have been concerned more with the analysis of parts of language, such as words, letter and sound relationships, grammar, spelling and sentence work. In addition, the majority of these books, particularly in the primary area, have delt with one level of comprehension. A modern understanding of the interactive processes involved in successful listening, speaking, reading and writing directs the focus towards a constructive approach to literacy teaching that is more closely related to how memory stores and processes information, New Wave Literacy follows this direction.
What is New Wave Literacy?
  • a seven-book literacy skills workbook resource
  • the perfect resource to support any literacy program
  • a program of skill development focusing on upper level thinking skills that underpin literacy competence