Oxford Let's Practise English Home Language Grade 7

Oxford Let’s Practise English Home Language Grade 7


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Oxford Let’s Practise English Home Language offers learners practice in the key building blocks of grammar and a wide range of CAPS writing tasks. The grammar teaching is structured in a logical order to build knowledge and understanding progressively.
With a focus on important subject-specific skills, concepts and content, the books are ideal for revision and exam preparation. User-friendly and accessible, they can be used either in the classroom or for independent practice at home. Oxford Let’s Practise English Home Language gives learners the opportunity to test their own knowledge and identify the skills in which they need more practice.
The series is ideal for use with the corresponding Oxford classroom series, but can be used with other curriculum-compliant textbooks.
  • Teaching text for each grammar concept is clear and simple to aid learning.
  • Examples help learners to understand each grammar concept in context.
  • ‘Note’ and ‘Hint’ boxes give extra information and help learners to complete activities.
  • ‘Refer to’ boxes indicate where learners can find additional information on related topics.
  • Levelled grammar exercises allow learners to consolidate their grammar understanding.
  • A variety of writing activities allow learners to improve their writing skills.