Pedro The Fine Motor Peacock

Pedro The Fine Motor Peacock


Pedro is a fine motor toy that helps young children practise fine motor skills and introduces colour and number identification and boosts tactile awareness.
  • Inserting the brightly coloured peg-like feathers into Pedro’s back helps young children practise fine motor skills.
  • Builds hand muscle strength and encourages hand-eye coordination.
  • Designed with little hands in mind, each push-pull feather comes in a different cheerful colour (red, yellow, orange, blue and green) and features a different shape and texture to encourage sensory development.
  • Chunky and robust design made for little hands.
  • Single Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock set comprises plastic peacock and five multi-coloured feathers.
  • Pedro measures 8cm H x 10cm W.
  • Features multilingual packaging and guide.

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This fine feathered peacock helps kids boost key skills: learning colours, number, shapes and textures, while building hand strength, hand-eye coordination and other fine motor essentials. Ideal for a nursery or playgroup setting, this versatile fine motor toy help toddlers practise fine motor skills, improve hand-eye co-ordination, and learn colours, textures and basic numbers.