Pre-School Themes: Land Transport - Planning and Preparation Made Easy

Pre-School Themes: Land Transport – Planning and Preparation Made Easy


Concepts Covered:
  • Bus
  • Trains
  • Bicycles and motor bikes
  • Road safety
  • Trucks
  • Animal transport
  • Emergency transport
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The theme manual is intended only as a guideline. A weekly lesson plan is provided, but you must adapt and change it to suit your situation and personal circumstances. The lessons are written in the order of the daily programme for preschool. Grade R teachers will need to adapt the order to their specific daily programme.
  • First ring – Language development.
  • Creative activities – Main and side activities.
  • Second ring – Different activities such as mathematics, games and movement, rhymes and songs and perceptual activities.
  • Third ring – Story.
Stories have been included but are not meant to restrict or limit you, and you should add your own stories too. Some of the stories are a guide and you will need to add more detail when you tell the story to the learners. The lesson plans are detailed with a list of all the requirements you will need and how to present the activity including an introduction, body and conclusion for each lesson. Each lesson is linked to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement for Grade R with integration indicated.
Although the books are written in English any wording that will be presented to the learners is in English and Afrikaans.
Each theme manual contains the following:
  • Concept web
  • Theme table
  • Theme table labels
  • Weeks lesson plan
  • Weeks play area plan
  • Individual lesson plans for one week (20 lessons)
  • Templates
  • Theme pictures
  • Language discussion
  • Creative Activities
  • Rhymes and Songs
  • Mathematics
  • Stories
  • Perceptual skills
  • Games and movement
  • CAPS content and Skills
  • Integration