Thinking Puzzle Letter “H”

Thinking Puzzle Letter “H”


Skills Developed:
Problem Solving
Keen Observation
Visual Perception
Eye-hand coordination
Logic and Reasoning Skills

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“Thinking Puzzles – Letter H” Challenging your child’s brain is an important part to their cognitive development.  The letter puzzles are fun and very good brain games. They look like they are easy to solve. But, it’s not so easy! In this puzzle game the child is required to form a capital letter “H” from all the 6 bright and durable plastic pieces on one of the given printed letter H Base Card. The child may play with it again and again to improve his/her performance. The game can also be played by two players/teams. This puzzle game includes: 2 sets of 6 pieces each of letter “H’ made of safe plastic and 2 printed Base Cards of letter “H”.