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Over 45,000 synonyms, with age-appropriate examples and opposites, make this an ideal thesaurus to help children aged 8+ with homework. It features Overused Word panels that suggest alternatives to words like ‘nice’ and ‘good’; Word Webs – ideal for project work – providing related words – for example ‘bird’ includes types of birds, parts of a bird’s body, sounds made by birds and the words for groups of birds along with some illustrations of birds; Writing Tips that offer advice and even more vocabulary for writing, e.g. about how birds move – do they circle, flutter or perch? – or how to describe their feathers. Compiled using the Oxford Children’s Corpus, the Oxford Children’s Thesaurus delivers support and help where it is needed.

New edition with over 45,000 up-to-date entries, synonyms, opposites and age-appropriate example sentences
New Creative Writing supplement giving idioms, similes, metaphors, plot ideas and more
Supports writing in a range of genres
Compiled using the Oxford Children’s Corpus – a huge database of writing for and by children – to give all the words children need
Includes key features panels – Overused Words, Writing Tips and Word Webs to encourage children to explore a wide range of related vocabulary
Ideal thesaurus for homework help for all school subjects
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